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Blakes Profiles Externals Full Set

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? External Profile
?1. Rake out the vertical joints at 9”, 14” or 18” positions from the corner in the second course below the level at which the profile is to be set. (see fig 1)
2. With the curved end (B) facing down, slide setting attachment (A) down the Profile to the top of the Datum Plate (E).
3. Place the Profile on the corner as in fig 2 making sure that it fits snugly at point C.
4. The Profile Datum is the top face of the fin (fig 2 – E). By adjusting the position of the setting attachment. On the Profile you can now raise or lower the Datum as required.
5. The setting screws (fig 2 – C) are pre-set and have no need of adjustment except when working on stone or irregular surfaces.
6. Place spirit level against the Profile mast and slacken the adjusting screw (fig 2 – D) to leave the Profile leaning slightly away from the building. This is important, as it will help you plumb the Profile.
7. Place the clamp (G) onto the clamping bolt and put on the 12mm wing nut. Place the hooked end of the bolt into the hole in the Profile fin and place the clamp into the vertical joint created in step 1. Gently tighten the wing nut. Repeat on the opposite side.
8. Tighten the wing nuts evenly taking care that the Profile remains square with the corner. Do not over-tighten.
9. The Profile is now fastened to the brickwork and, if step 6 was carried out correctly, should now be leaning slightly away from the building.
10. Remove the setting attachment (A) at this stage.
11. Place spirit levels against both sides of the Profile mast and adjust the lower pair of setting screws until the Profile is plumb.
12. The gauging on the profile is @ 75mm +/- 1.5mm.
To mark extra gauges onto the Profile, measure from the top of the Datum plate
and put marks on the mast (masking tape is suggested).
13. Using the plastic line-holders (I) set up your line.
14. As work proceeds, clip the stabiliser (J) onto the mast and adjust the screws to just touch the brickwork. This will stabilise the mast when under tension.
15. Remove and repeat these instructions after the first lift
16. The spirit levels in the mast can be adjusted if required. Slacken the small screw, turn the level until the correct setting is obtained and re-tighten the screws.
All plumbing is carried out using the setting screws. Do not over-tighten the screw or wing nuts. Keep all adjustment screws clean and lubricated.


Blakes Profiles

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